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The Toymaker's Dream

ALSO AVAILABLE IN HARD COVER. The Toymaker's Dream is an allegory of God's plan of redemption, from creation to Christ's substitutionary death on the cross. Employing the imagery of a dream it has captured the imagination of adults and children alike, and has been published in several languages, including Polish, Hungarian, and French. Performed on stage as a drama, a musical, and mime, it tells the story of God's love in a way easy to understand.

Christian parents and other caregivers are always looking for stories to share with their children that carry the message of God within them. This story is a unique way of telling children about the Bible that uses a fun, colorful dream that will interest them. This will begin many wonderful conversations between parents and children about God and the Bible.


Double Deceit: The Transformation of Jonathan Ward

ALSO AVILABLE IN HARD COVER. Jonathan Ward's brother, Arthur, has been murdered. The murderer has escaped out the back door, but the bloody murder weapon is in Jonathan's hand. Con-man that he is, and given the argument he had had with Arthur an hour earlier, he knows he will be the prime suspect in his brother's death. He cannot afford to come under the close scrutiny of the law. He just may have to perpetrate the greatest, and most challenging con of his life, but is he up to it?

To pull off the most daring stunt of his life, Jonathan will not only have to convince Arthur's friends, the police, and the public, but- worst of all- the beautiful Angela Milford by his monumental deception. Having rejected his brother's faith, however, and his godly life-style, the changes he will have to make, may just be more than he is willing to endure. With the murderer still lurking in the shadows, he may not just be risking his own life, but also that of the woman who has captured his heart.


The Something Trilogy: Something Beautiful - Something Good - Something Special

A trilogy of books to inspire and motivate youth to follow Christ. All three novels set in the time period near the end of Apartheid in South Africa. Something Beautiful: Sandy Johnson is not beautiful, at least not as beautiful as Amanda and Helen, her two arch enemies who are making her life miserable. Something Good: Can anything good come out of a family given to crime? This is the question Leon de Bruyn, and the residents of the small town of Paulpietersburg, will have to answer. Something Special: In a country and time where a person's value is determined by the colour of their skin, only trouble can result when a Coloured boy meets a beautiful White girl.

The Making of a Personal Evangelist: Winning the World for Christ - One by One

The Making of a Personal Evangelist, as the title suggests, is more about becoming an evangelist than it is about the method employed. Jesus told us that if we follow Him He will make us to become fishers of men. He would transform us into evangelists. The Making of a Personal Evangelist is a course that lays out the life principles, that if followed, will transform men and women into evangelists even before they adopt a method. The method subsequently just becomes the tool to get the job done.

Exploring Biblical Prayer (Vol.1): How Bible People Won or Lost at Prayer

As useful as books on prayer by human authors can be, actual Biblical examples of Prayer are even better. Men may tell us of their own experiences in their pursuit of God through prayer, and benefit us greatly. Prayer as revealed in Scripture can provide us with an even better idea of what prayers please God, and of those that do not. This book, and those to follow, seeks to present prayer as the Bible describes it. With no pretense to personal expertise, I send forth this book, confident that God will bless His own Word.

Skip Jordan and the Veil of Deception

At the age of thirteen, Skip Jordan begins having horrific dreams. In them, he recognizes several of his friends staring up in fascination at a rainbow sky. It is really a veil. Behind it a host of demons stare malevolently down at them. In their desperate attempt to save their friends, they are aided by Skip's guardian Aunt May and by a number of prayer-warriors both at home and across the sea. In the course of their journey, they have to overcome a mysterious power named "The Looming Menace." They confront a number of "lying wonders" and face death more than once. Unknown to Skip and the girls, there is a battle going on in the heavenly places between angels and demons. All these battles are focused on these three young people, called to face impossible odds.

Skip Jordan and the Angels of Light

Skip Jordan and his friends have faced the powers of darkness before; they have confronted the deceptions of witchcraft, and done battle with demonic entities. They have seen The Veil of Deception, and prevailed against seemingly impossible odds, but what they are called to face now is more ominous than anything they have known before. Skip Jordan is dreaming again. AVAILABLE IN soft cover and hard cover.

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